Emissions Schedule

We want to build a sustainable protocol, so one of our main goals is to avoid the high-FDV, low-float situation that a lot of projects find themselves in the beginning. As discussed in this thread, this usually leads to highly-inflated initial token prices that go down later due to the sell pressure from farming, which causes many problems.
Instead we'd rather have a large initial float to avoid this, so we'll distribute the tokens in the following way:
  • 50% for liquidity mining
  • 17.1875% for treasury
  • 18.75% for team members
  • 12.5% for investors
  • 1.5625% for advisors

Protocol Revenue

Tokens deposited in Collar as BOND tokens will, in the future, be provided to other protocols, such as Convex for 3Crv or Compound for USDC, where they'll generate yield that will be distributed among holders of the COLLAR governance token. Please see CIP4.

Ultimate Liquidation Right

COLLAR governance tokens will also have additional utility in their ability to be swapped for failed-to-claim BOND and WANT tokens. Please see CIP2.