Collar Improvement Proposals (CIPs)
Collar is a DAO-oriented decentralized lending protocol, and Collar Improvement Proposals (CIPs) are the methodology Collar uses to stay innovative and explore new territory by implementing new functionality on the Collar platform and developing the Collar DAO itself. CIPs are conceived, proposed, discussed, ratified, and ultimately implemented via open community discussion and governance.
What follows is a brief overview of several CIPs the Collar team has already prepared.

CIP - 1: LP as WANT Token for Easier Borrowing

CIP - 2: Zombie Purger

CIP - 3: Innovative Stablecoin as BOND Token Launchpad

CIP - 4: Yield Profits from Underlyings

CIP - 5: Automatic Pool Migration for Users

CIP - 6: A Basket of StableCoins Combo Insurance